Current Job Openings

Molecular Biologist – Vacaville, CA

Job Description:

1) Assist in developing and implementing laboratory guidelines and protocols, and design and execute molecular and/or cellular biology experiments following the procedures. 2) Conduct research on cell organization and function, especially on mechanisms of gene expression, and develop and conduct methods that monitor cell growth characteristics. 3) Maintain accurate/prompt experiment data records and compile, analyze, and interpret the experimental data/results, and adjust/revise the experimental designs as necessary. 4) Coordinate, organize, and/or prioritize biological laboratory activities, and prepare summaries, reports, and presentations of research projects. 5) Monitor and/or operate specialized laboratory equipment such as biological safety cabinet, incubator shaker, spectrometer, hollow fiber ultra-filtration, centrifuge, microfluidizer, and liquid chromatographs. 6) Closely coordinate and collaborate molecular and/or cellular research activities with fellow researchers, as well as scientists and technical personnel specializing in other fields. 7) Provide scientific input and suggestion for project teams regarding the evaluation or handling of devices, materials, or supplies for in vitro research.

Job Requirements:

• Master’s (or foreign equivalent) degree in Molecular Microbiology, Biology or related.
• One year of work experience in the job offered or as a Biological Scientist or related.
• Some work experience required with drafting and revising process development work protocols and reports.

Send resume to DesigneRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 4941 Allison Parkway, Suite B, Vacaville, CA 95688, Attn: Liang Xia, Senior VP – Production and Process Development